The deal I really want to see is a three team Spurs and Pacers package.

- Russ and 2027 unprotected 1st to San Antonio for Josh Richardson and Doug McDermott (may need to include a second or pick swap too).

- Wenyen and 2029 protected 1st to Indiana for Turner and Theis (taking back Theis should reduce draft demand for Turner and they’re not taking back Russ either).

You would have to waive Matt Ryan as well on a non-guaranteed deal and waive another player too.

That would give you a sniper in McDermott at (41%) and 3 x position competent floor spacers in Theis (33%), Turner (35%), and Richardson (37%) and your defense gets better! The shooting percentages would improve from the gravity of a McDermott too. Every game we hold him is a game that the Lakers are letting slip by and this could be the difference between being play in or 6th seed.

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With alll due respect to you Trevor Lane, Why is the trade conversation just about trading RW ? & not anyone else on the lakers ? you guys at Lakers Nation said the Lakers issues were not all on Russ, but you guys mainly just mention him in trades, and unfortutnetly scrutinize him so much. It's unfortune, and sad, and unfair 😢

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